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Massage Body Massage

An Age-Old Remedy

Massage is an instinctive, health-enhancing practice

Reduce Stress and Improve Your Energy Flow

Therapeutic massage is known for its health-enhancing effects. It can help in both short- and long-term situations to reduce stress, relax muscles, promote sleep, improve joint movements, and enhance blood circulation throughout your body. At Renew U Therapeutic Massage, we focus on specific needs to improve your life through massage therapy, with great services provided by our certified massage therapist.

Our massage therapy will keep your mind and body at its best by promoting nourished and healthy skin, blood circulation, and keeping your immune system in fighting form. We will provide you with a FREE consultation on any massage.

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First time getting a massage? Discuss any questions or concerns that you may have. Our therapist will go the extra mile to make you feel comfortable during the massage. Our massage sessions last from thirty minutes to ninety minutes.


Some people get therapeutic massage as a means to enhance their healthy body functioning, and to help the body's own powers to restore itself. Some of the reasons for getting a massage are  relaxation, revitalization, relieve sore or tight muscles, relieve tension, recovery from sports activity, health and fitness, improve circulation, and complements other health care needs. In the beginning of the session youcan discuss with the therapist what you are looking for from your massage.


Massage sessions lasts from thirty minutes to ninety minutes. The time depends on the type of massage that you will request, and the purpose of the session and the availability of your resources and time.


Payment is due either immediately before or after the session. Methods of payments varies.

Tipping is customary. It is a common practice to tip massage therapists in places as health clubs and spas or resorts.


See rates below:

The right massage for your specific needs

30 Minutes


60 Minutes


90 Minutes


Deep Tissue 60 Minutes


Hot Stone 90 Minutes


What is Massage?

Defined as a scientific and systematic treatment of soft tisues of the body for obtaining or maintaining good health. Therapeutic massage is an old-aged remedy and health practice. It is found all over the world, past and present. Massage has been noticed for its health enhancing and instinctive effects.


From newborn to old age, massage has been found to enhance general health and well-being. It can be said that "if you have a body, you can benefit from therapeutic massage. It can help in some short or long term situations and complements well with other healthcare professions.


Therapeutic massage is beneficial for:

  • Reducing stress

  • Relaxing muscles

  • Increasing oxygen in the body

  • Decreasing pain

  • Promoting sleep

  • Improving joint movements

  • Reducing swelling

  • Improving energy flow

  • Enhancing blood circulation and lymph

  • Healthy skin

  • Relaxation

  • Immune system

  • Muscle tension

  • Body aches

  • Back pain

  • Stress

  • Anxiety